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The development process

The first step in the development process is planning and consultation.

Planning & strategy

We consult with you about your business goals, your online experiences, your market, your competitors, and determine the best way to meet your future online business goals.


Before designing the look and feel of a website or web application it’s important to consider the structure and functionality required to determine the best technology solution to use. It should have the ability to evolve over time inline with the growth of the business.


The content of your website is vital both to your customers and search engines; it needs to be considered and well-planned early in the process as this will also influence the final design and structure. The copywriting needs to be good quality, helpful, and informative about the subjects that are important to the business. The use of bullet points and checklists, clear and simple headings, text that answers a potential customer's questions, and a strong call-to-action are all important.


First impressions make a huge difference. Your site must look professional and suit your market. Various design concepts will be explored, to ensure a user-friendly and intuitive interface. After the design concepts are done and you select your favorite, our designers start creating the website and incorporate the content. Good web design is more than just pictures and graphics. It needs to fit well together on the page with a consistent and appealing layout.


At this stage our programmers use their extensive knowledge to take the plans for your site and make them a reality. Coding websites and web applications to web standards, for search engine optimisation, and for long term compatibility is our goal.

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