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Website design

First impressions make a huge difference. Your site must look professional, suit your market, be easy to navigate and quick to download.

The design, content and functionality should hold your customers interest while at the same time quickly provide them with the information they are looking for.

Various design concepts will be explored, to ensure a user-friendly and intuitive interface. After the design concepts are done and you select your favorite, our designers and programmers start creating the website and incorporate the content. We have the expertise and eye for detail to make your website look great.

Selectively integrating other media such as graphics, 3D, animation and video enhances the impact and information delivery of your message.

From concept to hosting, we offer an end to end service tailored to satisfy your unique requirements.

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When you’re ready for your new website or site refresh, the following will make the process easier:

  • A high resolution/vector logo.
  • Any branding materials like company tagline, colour scheme, mood/attitude of your business.
  • Images you’ve used in marketing material or a list of images from a stock photography website that suits your brand.
  • List of the websites you love.
  • List of the websites you hate.
  • Copy/text for your website.
  • You may not have these things... no problems, we can create whatever you need.