Our featured projects

  • PappaRich


    Featuring a modern design and layout we have completed a large redevelopment of the PappaRich website who have stores located around Australia.

  • Onemda


    We have updated the Onemda website with a brighter colour palette and modern layout to give users easy access to important information. 

  • Lions Club Banners and Windflags

    Lions Club Banners and Windflags

    Vinyl signage and windflags created for the Donvale Lions Club.

  • Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

    Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

    Featuring striking photography and a sleek design we have completed a brand new website for Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts who have new stores launching in Melbourne and Sydney. 

  • Cuff Building & Plumbing

    Cuff Building & Plumbing

    We have completed a fresh and modern upgrade of the Cuff Building & Plumbing website. 

  • YWCA Darwin

    YWCA Darwin

    The YWCA Darwin website has had a glamourous update and is now even easier for users to find programs, become a member and make a donation. 

  • Maroondah Sports Club

    Maroondah Sports Club

    After Maroondah Club had some major problems with the design and management of their original wordpress site, we have redeveloped their website so it has a brand new design and our easy to use custom CMS.

  • QLS-Caffi


    QLS-Caffi has recently rebranded, so we have completely redesigned their website to reflect the changes. 

  • Smooth Stone

    Smooth Stone

    Featuring striking photography and a new modern design we have finally completed the upgrade to the Smooth Stone website. The site now includes a gallery and testimonials and is super easy for the client to manage.

  • YWCA Mentoring Program

    YWCA Mentoring Program

    This fully customised online web application has been designed and created by Echo3 to allow the YWCA team to manage the Asista Program - matching mentors and mentees, events, users and reporting.

  • Schweigen


    With a very tight deadline, we managed to do a complete upgrade of the Schweigen website so it is now modern, easy for the user to navigate and super easy for the client to manage.

  • Flagnificent Business Cards

    Flagnificent Business Cards

    We designed some striking new business cards for Flagnificent with a strong use of black.

  • Creative Text Solutions

    Creative Text Solutions

    We have recently finished a complete upgrade of the Creative Text Solutions website and the new site is modern and eye-catching with an easy to use custom CMS to manage their content, blog and events.

  • ACEC


    A creative website development for ACEC which connects Chinese and Australian migration, business, finance, and education.

  • Aero Manufacturing

    Aero Manufacturing

    We have completed a major upgrade to the Aero website. They now have a bright and modern design and an easy to use custom CMS to maintain their extensive product range, news and content.

  • AMBC Printing

    AMBC Printing

    We have created new business cards and two new retractable banners for AMBC to use at their functions.

  • Positive Outcomes Video Animation

    Positive Outcomes Video Animation

    We have created a very stylish opening and closing logo animation for Positive Outcomes so they can easily incorporate it into their videos.

  • Echo3 Promo

    Echo3 Promo

    We have created a very cool promotional video for ourselves!

  • YWCA Victoria

    YWCA Victoria

    The updated YWCA Victoria website looks great and is now even easier for users to get involved, donate, and our custom CMS makes it easy for the YWCA team to manage everything.

  • Cashplan Web

    Cashplan Web

    We have created a clean and simple, single page website to complement the CashPlan brand and to feature a strong call to action and key information.

  • Just China Holdings Web

    Just China Holdings Web

    The brand new website for Just China Holdings features their new logo, a dynamic slideshow on the home page, striking infographics and our easy to use custom CMS.

  • SOS Mail Solutions

    SOS Mail Solutions

    We have completed an extensive upgrade of the SOS Mail website and redevelopment of their online member system.

  • You Photo Booths

    You Photo Booths

    We have completed a brand new website for You Photo Booths which features their new logo a dynamic slideshow of background images.

  • CashPlan


    Logo design and artwork for CashPlan.

  • You Photo Booths

    You Photo Booths

    Logo design and artwork.

  • Sum & Substance Website

    Sum & Substance Website

    We have completed an eye-catching upgrade of the Sum & Substance website with our easy to use CMS.

  • ACEC Charity Ball

    ACEC Charity Ball

    An event ticket and 28 page program for the ACEC Chinese New Year Charity Ball.

  • Christiaan Georgio

    Christiaan Georgio

    We have created an elegant website to complement the Christiaan Georgio brand featuring css animation and a slideshow of stunning photography from the Grand Hyatt salon.

  • Mulholland 28PP Booklet

    Mulholland 28PP Booklet

    For this luxury booklet, we decided on a 28 page A4 landscape format with gloss cover to allow the superb images to spread across the entire width and still have room for some words about each individual project.