Our featured projects

  • Habla Kilns Website

    Habla Kilns Website

    The Habla Kiln website has been updated with a smart and modern design and a custom CMS to maintain their news, team, and content.

  • Makmur Website

    Makmur Website

    The Makmur website has had an upgrade with a bright and modern design and a custom CMS to maintain their products, news, careers and recipes.

  • ACEC Charity Ball

    ACEC Charity Ball

    An event ticket and 28 page program for the ACEC Chinese New Year Charity Ball.

  • Gifts to Indulge

    Gifts to Indulge

     A new logo, stationery and holding page for Gifts to Indulge.

  • Glowing Smiles Dental

    Glowing Smiles Dental

    A new logo, stationery and signage for Glowing Smiles Dental.

  • Attra

    Attra's "1000 of Us" Banner

    To celebrate the milestone of reaching 1000 employees worldwide Attra wanted to display their achievement on a large 3m x 1m cotton banner. Each hand is an edited scan of the employees at the Melbourne offices.

  • ANCOS Website

    ANCOS Website

    A complete refresh of the ANCOS website that showcases the Orff Schulwerk Movement in Australia.

  • PhillipsKPA


    A fresh new logo for PhillipsKPA featuring the PKPA abbreviation as an icon.

  • Christiaan Georgio

    Christiaan Georgio

    We have created an elegant website to complement the Christiaan Georgio brand featuring css animation and a slideshow of stunning photography from the Grand Hyatt salon.

  • Habla Kilns Infographic

    Habla Kilns Infographic

    A two part infographic: depicting the comparison of the aviation industry carbon emissions against the global brick industries.

  • Christiaan Georgio Window Design

    Christiaan Georgio Window Design

    Window decal design for Christiaan Georgios Melbourne salon.

  • One Stop Marketing

    One Stop Marketing

    An e-commerce site that makes it simple for the user to order marketing materials online. The site uses strong colours and graphics to create a visual contrast between key information.

  • Kimmba Website

    Kimmba Website

    The bright and dynamic, mobile and tablet friendly site has an easy to use custom CMS and the news is automatically fed through to the Kimmba social media sites.

  • BEFA Newsletter

    BEFA Newsletter

    Email template created for BEFA so they can send out regular newsletters to their mailing list.

  • personalEYES Posters

    personalEYES Posters

    A range of posters for personalEYES.

  • AMBC Victoria

    AMBC Victoria

    A new website development for the Victorian branch of the AMBC featuring iconic images of Melbourne and Malaysia and an easy to use custom CMS.

  • personalEYES Peace 2015

    personalEYES Peace 2015

    Various emails and printed flyers to promote the personalEYES PEACE conference coming in 2015.

  • Henderson + Lodge Website

    Henderson + Lodge Website

    We have completed a site refresh that is clean and simple and features striking fullscreen photos of their key projects.

  • Ascend Printing

    Ascend Printing

    Property flyers and business cards for Ascend Real Estate to complement existing corporate identity and signage.

  • Ascend Real Estate

    Ascend Real Estate

    We have completed a website re-development for Ascend Real Estate with a custom CMS. The design features strong colours and responsive layout for mobile devices.

  • Adela & Co

    Adela & Co

    The new ecommerce website for Adela & Co is complete and looks fabulous! It's a great showcase for their beautiful bags and jewellery.

  • Mulholland 28PP Booklet

    Mulholland 28PP Booklet

    For this luxury booklet, we decided on a 28 page A4 landscape format with gloss cover to allow the superb images to spread across the entire width and still have room for some words about each individual project.

  • Echo3 Infographic

    Echo3 Infographic

    An infographic to explain the stages of getting your website online, from choosing a domain name to viewing and managing your new site.

  • Ham Kerr Property

    Ham Kerr Property

    A4 flyer design for Ham Kerr Property to be printed and distributed.

  • CPBA Gala Dinner

    CPBA Gala Dinner

    An A5 invitation and 24 page program for the Chinese Professional and Business Association gala dinner to celebrate 40 years of leadership.

  • Hong Kong Club Program

    Hong Kong Club Program

    A 60 page program for the Hong Kong Club 50th Anniversary Dinner.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Various cover images created for our clients using social media.

  • One Stop Marketing

    One Stop Marketing

    Logo design and marketing materials for One Stop Marketing.

  • Microsites


    Various one page websites.

  • JD Party

    JD Party

    A new logo and stationery for JD Party.



    The updated SEMIP site has a brand new logo, a clean and strong layout and an easy to use custom CMS.

  • BMDA


    We have just completed a new website for BMDA. The mobile and tablet friendly site has an easy to use custom CMS and features their key projects and services.

  • Braestone Homes

    Braestone Homes

    Business cards & outdoor banner prints

  • personalEYES Infographic

    personalEYES Infographic

    Infographic created for an A3 poster to highlight the personalEYES vision and mission statement.

  • Positive Outcomes

    Positive Outcomes

    A creative website development for Positive Outcomes which specialises in POS software and hardware solutions.

  • Astra Investments

    Astra Investments

    A new logo for Astra Investments.

  • Melbourne Sports Acupuncture

    Melbourne Sports Acupuncture

    A new logo for Melbourne Sports Acupuncture.

  • Commercial Pools Product Logos

    Commercial Pools Product Logos

    We have created various product logos for Commercial Pools.

  • Adela & Co

    Adela & Co

    A fresh new logo and stationery for Adela & Co.

  • Integrity Education Website

    Integrity Education Website

    We have completed a site refresh for the Integrity Education Group featuring a clean design, simple navigation and a custom CMS so it is easy for the team to manage their course information.

  • CCS Chemicals

    CCS Chemicals

    The brand new website is bright and easy to navigate and includes their extensive range of products and relevant information.

  • AusAsia Training

    AusAsia Training

    AusAsia Training has a fresh new website with a custom CMS and responsive styling so it displays well on mobile devices.

  • Spoke Visual

    Spoke Visual

    Spoke Visual needed a strong brand that highlighted their multi-faceted capabilities. We designed a creative logo and business card to suit their requirements.

  • AusAsia


    We have designed a new logo, stationery, 6 page DL flyer, workshop flyer and website for AusAsia Training.

  • Parramatte Eye Centre

    Parramatte Eye Centre

    A new logo, stationery and forms for Parramatta Eye Centre.

  • Jasper Lawyers

    Jasper Lawyers

    Jasper Lawyers has a brand new website with a custom CMS and responsive styling so it displays well on mobile devices.

  • Urban Pacific Finance

    Urban Pacific Finance

    Logo design and marketing materials for Urban Pacific Finance.

  • Urban Activation

    Urban Activation

    Logo design, stationery and marketing materials for Urban Activation.

  • iClean Property Services

    iClean Property Services

    New logo design for iClean Property Services.

  • Echo3 Website

    Echo3 Website

    We have finally managed to find the time to give our site a complete refresh and we have chosen an eyecatching and memorable red colour scheme!

  • BWP Advertising

    BWP Advertising

    Recent advertisements created for BWP for VECCI publication.

  • Robyn Cartwright Personnel Cards

    Robyn Cartwright Personnel Cards

    DL folded cards for distribution with gifts.

  • ARA Electrical

    ARA Electrical

    The new website re-development for ARA Electrical Services features a slideshow of background images and clean and simple hierarchy of information.

  • My Cute Baby

    My Cute Baby

    Stationery and signage for My Cute Baby - an online store that sells exclusive, high quality European fashion brands for babies, toddlers and kids.

  • BEFA Infographics

    BEFA Infographics

    Graphics created for website and flyer.

  •  IEHU Online Course

    IEHU Online Course

    We have created an online self-directed course designed to provide training in grading diabetic retinopathy for the Indigenous Eye Health Unit. It includes multiple test quiz question modules and a competency based examination on completion.

  • College Capital

    College Capital

    Logo design and stationery for College Capital.

  • Tonge Lawyers

    Tonge Lawyers

    Logo design and stationery for Tonge Lawyers.

  • Bronwyn Trimble Group

    Bronwyn Trimble Group

    We designed the Bronwyn Trimble logo, website and various printed materials includiing banner, business cards, presentation folder and course materials.

  • Solid


    We have designed the Solid logo and various marketing materials such as banners, presentation folder, stationery and brochures.

  • College Capital Intranet

    College Capital Intranet

    We developed a custom built web solution for use by the group and its members with a simple front-end website.

  • Echo3 Postcard

    Echo3 Postcard

    We have created a DL postcard to help spread the word about our own extensive skills!

  • Money Choice

    Money Choice

    We designed the Money Choice logo and many of their marketing materials including stationery, web banners, press advertisements, pit wall signage and email templates.

  • RCP Website

    RCP Website

    The Robyn Cartwright Personnel website needed an update so we have just completed an extensive redevelopment that features their new brand colour - purple.

  • HuaYi Prospectus

    HuaYi Prospectus

    Fresh off the press is the 208 page prospectus for HuaYi Resources. The finished A4 booklet includes a luxurious gloss laminate cover, perforated application form and burst binding.

  • Echo.3


    Our new business cards are very striking and feature a spot uv on the back highlighting our web, print and design capabilities.


  • Blossom Cleaning

    Blossom Cleaning

    Logo and DL flyer for Blossom Cleaning Services.

  • My Cute Baby Website

    My Cute Baby Website

    We have recently redesigned the My Cute Baby website and the result is a bright and interesting site.

  • Dolls & Bears

    Dolls & Bears

    Dolls and Bears, Melbourne's award-winning retailer of collectable dolls, bears and accessories from all over the world, have launched a brand new e-commerce website so their extensive range of products can now be purchased online.

  • Echo3 Email

    Echo3 Email

    Various email newsletters and emails for Echo3.

  • Email Invitations

    Email Invitations

    Some examples of html invitation emails we have done for various clients.

  • personalEYES Practice Booklet

    personalEYES Practice Booklet

    A comprehensive 32 page booklet  that includes information about services, explanations of common eye conditions, latest treatments and laser vision correction.

  • Mainland Finance Folder

    Mainland Finance Folder

    Printed folder with gloss lamination.

  • Urban Activation

    Urban Activation

    We have designed the new website for Urban Activation to highlight the featured properties and make searching as easy as possible.

  • iAdvocates


    Design and print various stickers, DL postcard and DL folded card for iAdvocates.

  • Urban Pacific Finance Website

    Urban Pacific Finance Website

    New website and branding for Urban Pacific Finance. The logo is a strong feature in the website design and the layout has a clear heirachy of information.

  • 2Construct


    A striking website refresh for 2Construct to highlight their key projects, add a gallery and a custom CMS. The site is clean, simple and dynamic.

  • personalEYES


    We designed the personalEYES logo using the stylised eye as the main feature. The logo is strong and features in all their marketing, website and email promotions.

  • Progress Finance

    Progress Finance

    We have created a brand new website for Progress Finance, a local mortgage broker. The website features a strong call to action and a custom cms for easy content management.

  • Integrity Flyers

    Integrity Flyers

    Series of A4 course flyers designed and artwork created for Integrity Education Group.

  • personalEYES Advertising

    personalEYES Advertising

    Some of the recent advertisements we have created for personalEYES for various newspapers and publications.

  • Bilingual Education Foundation Australia

    Bilingual Education Foundation Australia

    We have just completed a brand new website for the BEFA which features striking graphics, bold colours, a custom CMS and responsive design for mobile devices.

  • Tonge Lawyers

    Tonge Lawyers

    Tonge Lawyers is a boutique law firm specialising in personal injury law with a personalised service of the highest standard.

  • AFS Brochure

    AFS Brochure

    Eight page DL brochure desigined to promote Language Immersion Awards to both students and teachers.

  • personalEYES Advertisements

    personalEYES Advertisements

    Some of the recent advertisements we have created for personalEYES for various newspapers and publications.

  • Shepparton Harness Racing Club

    Shepparton Harness Racing Club

    We designed the Shepparton Harness Racing logo and a new website that is light, easy to use, and includes a racing calendar, function rooms and news.

  • FMG Financial Planning

    FMG Financial Planning

    We have completed a new website development for FMG with a custom CMS. The design is clean and fresh with a strong call to action and information is easy to access.

  • Gatehouse Flyers

    Gatehouse Flyers

    Various printed flyers for the release of the Gatehouse property development for 94 Feet.

  • CSSG Banner

    CSSG Banner

    The Chinese Stroke Support Group needed a new popup banner, so we designed this one featuring cherry blossoms and colours to suit their logo.

  • Aldebaran Park

    Aldebaran Park

    Logo design.

  • Robinson Sewell Partners

    Robinson Sewell Partners

    Logo design, stationery and marketing brochures for Robinson Sewell Partners.

  • Kennedy Needham

    Kennedy Needham

    Logo Design.

  • Shepparton Harness Racing

    Shepparton Harness Racing

    We have designed their website to be light, easy to use, and includes a racing calendar, information about their function rooms and news.

  • Consolidated Logos

    Consolidated Logos

    Various logo designs for Consolidated.

  • SCT Website

    SCT Website

    We have just completed a major re-development for the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal website that included refreshing the look and feel of the site and adding extra functionality such as an online complaint form and advanced search features.

  • personalEYES Peace 2014

    personalEYES Peace 2014

    Various emails and printed flyers to promote the personalEYES PEACE conference in 2014.

  • Solid Flyer

    Solid Flyer

    Full colour DL flyer

  • Hume Lawyers

    Hume Lawyers

    Logo and  various marketing materials for Hume Lawyers.

  • SOS Mail

    SOS Mail

    Logo design and various print and marketing brochures for SOS Mail and SOS Business.

  • Havelock North Motor Lodge

    Havelock North Motor Lodge

    We have just completed a site refresh for Havelock North Motor Lodge. The colours are light and fresh and key information is clear and easy to find.

  • personalEYES Website

    personalEYES Website

    We have just recently completed a site redesign for personalEYES. The new layout is light and bright and allows for easy control of key information through graphic panels that scroll across the home page and link directly through to important information pages.

  • Solid Banners

    Solid Banners

    We have recently redesigned two new popup banners for Solid Group to use at their semiinars and in their office area.

  • The Cube

    The Cube

    Logo Design.

  • CPS Flyers and Folder

    CPS Flyers and Folder

    We designed a range of A4 double sided flyers to showcase the many facets of their business and to fit nicely inside their presentation folder.

  • Christmas Emails Echo3

    Christmas Emails Echo3

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done over the past few years.

  • Whelan Builders

    Whelan Builders

    Whelan Master Builders needed a DL postcard and presentation folder that highlighted their excellence in craftmanship and high standards.

  • Money Choice Newsletters

    Money Choice Newsletters

    Various email newsletters and invitation emails for Money Choice.

  • ASD Marketing Materials

    ASD Marketing Materials

    We designed business cards, A4 presentation folders and flyers for ASD Security Services.

  • iShade


    Various print and marketing materials for iShade.

  • Sneddons


    The Sneddons logo was updated to reflect their new emphasis on fireplaces and to stand out on their corporate t-shirts and marketing materials.

  • Sneddons Lighting Sale

    Sneddons Lighting Sale

    Newspaper advertisement and html email to promote their lighting sale.

  • Solid Infographics

    Solid Infographics

    Graphics created for powerpoint presentation.

  • personalEYES Newsletters

    personalEYES Newsletters

    Various email newsletters and information emails created for personalEYES.

  • Various Logo Designs

    Various Logo Designs

    Various logo designs we have done.

  • CPS Posters

    CPS Posters

    Various posters and marketing materials for Consolidated.

  • Christmas Emails personalEYES

    Christmas Emails personalEYES

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done for personalEYES.

  • Clarendon Lawyers

    Clarendon Lawyers

    Various marketing materials for Clarendon Lawyers.

  • RBR Postcard

    RBR Postcard

    Roger Bushell Real Estate DL postcards with perforation for tear off business card.

  • Robinson Sewell Partners

    Robinson Sewell Partners

    Various print and marketing materials for Robinson Sewell Partners.

  • Christmas Emails Airlite

    Christmas Emails Airlite

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done over the past few years.

  • Christmas Emails Consolidated

    Christmas Emails Consolidated

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done over the past few years.

  • Mainland Bendigo

    Mainland Bendigo

    A variety of printed marketing materials for Mainland Bendigo.

  • Christmas Emails Money Choice

    Christmas Emails Money Choice

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done over the past few years.

  • Christmas Emails Money3

    Christmas Emails Money3

    Some examples of christmas emails we have done for Money3.

  • Echo3 Signage

    Echo3 Signage

    Now we have settled into our new office we have had new signage, wall graphics and stationery printed.

  • Ninety Four Feet Hoardings

    Ninety Four Feet Hoardings

    We have designed various hoardings for building developments for Ninety Four Feet.

  • Circle of Friends

    Circle of Friends

    Various print and marketing materials and logo design for Circle of Friends.

  • Money 3

    Money 3

    Various print and marketing materials for Money3.

  • PCI


    Various print and marketing materials for PCI.

  • personalEYES Signs

    personalEYES Signs

    Some signage we have created for the personalEYES clinics.

  • CMGC


    Various print and marketing materials for CMGC.

  • Everlasting Moments DVD Templates

    Everlasting Moments DVD Templates

    We created various DVD cover templates so the team at Everlasting Moments can create individual covers for each wedding movie.

  • SOS Infographics

    SOS Infographics

    Infographics created for the website.