Our featured projects

  • CashPlan


    Logo design and artwork for CashPlan.

  • You Photo Booths

    You Photo Booths

    Logo design and artwork.

  • Just China Holdings

    Just China Holdings

     A new logo design and artwork, business cards and website for Just China Holdings.

  • Invst Australia

    Invst Australia

    Logo design and artwork.

  • Jewellery to Indulge

    Jewellery to Indulge

     A new logo, stationery and holding page for Jewellery to Indulge.

  • Glowing Smiles Dental

    Glowing Smiles Dental

    A new logo, stationery and signage for Glowing Smiles Dental.

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Various cover images created for our clients using social media.

  • PhillipsKPA


    A fresh new logo for PhillipsKPA featuring the PKPA abbreviation as an icon.

  • One Stop Marketing

    One Stop Marketing

    Logo design and marketing materials for One Stop Marketing.

  • JD Party

    JD Party

    A new logo, stationery and packaging designs for JD Party.

  • Echo3 Brand

    Echo3 Brand

    Our own logo and identity information.

  • Astra Investments

    Astra Investments

    A new logo for Astra Investments.

  • Melbourne Sports Acupuncture

    Melbourne Sports Acupuncture

    A new logo for Melbourne Sports Acupuncture.

  • Commercial Pools Product Logos

    Commercial Pools Product Logos

    We have created various product logos for Commercial Pools.

  • Adela & Co

    Adela & Co

    A fresh new logo and stationery for Adela & Co.

  • Spoke Visual

    Spoke Visual

    Spoke Visual needed a strong brand that highlighted their multi-faceted capabilities. We designed a creative logo and business card to suit their requirements.

  • AusAsia


    We have designed a new logo, stationery, 6 page DL flyer, workshop flyer and website for AusAsia Training.

  • Parramatte Eye Centre

    Parramatte Eye Centre

    A new logo, stationery and forms for Parramatta Eye Centre.

  • Urban Pacific Finance

    Urban Pacific Finance

    Logo design and marketing materials for Urban Pacific Finance.

  • Urban Activation

    Urban Activation

    Logo design, stationery and marketing materials for Urban Activation.

  • iClean Property Services

    iClean Property Services

    New logo design for iClean Property Services.

  • College Capital

    College Capital

    Logo design and stationery for College Capital.

  • Tonge Lawyers

    Tonge Lawyers

    Logo design and stationery for Tonge Lawyers.

  • Bronwyn Trimble Group

    Bronwyn Trimble Group

    We designed the Bronwyn Trimble logo, website and various printed materials includiing banner, business cards, presentation folder and course materials.

  • Solid


    We have designed the Solid logo and various marketing materials such as banners, presentation folder, stationery and brochures.

  • Money Choice

    Money Choice

    We designed the Money Choice logo and many of their marketing materials including stationery, web banners, press advertisements, pit wall signage and email templates.

  • personalEYES


    We designed the personalEYES logo using the stylised eye as the main feature. The logo is strong and features in all their marketing, website and email promotions.

  • Shepparton Harness Racing Club

    Shepparton Harness Racing Club

    We designed the Shepparton Harness Racing logo and a new website that is light, easy to use, and includes a racing calendar, function rooms and news.

  • Aldebaran Park

    Aldebaran Park

    Logo design.

  • Robinson Sewell Partners

    Robinson Sewell Partners

    Logo design, stationery and marketing brochures for Robinson Sewell Partners.

  • Kennedy Needham

    Kennedy Needham

    Logo Design.

  • Consolidated Logos

    Consolidated Logos

    Various logo designs for Consolidated.

  • Hume Lawyers

    Hume Lawyers

    Logo and  various marketing materials for Hume Lawyers.

  • SOS Mail

    SOS Mail

    Logo design and various print and marketing brochures for SOS Mail and SOS Business.

  • The Cube

    The Cube

    Logo Design.

  • Sneddons


    The Sneddons logo was updated to reflect their new emphasis on fireplaces and to stand out on their corporate t-shirts and marketing materials.

  • Various Logo Designs

    Various Logo Designs

    Various logo designs we have done.