Our featured projects

  • Echo3 Infographic

    Echo3 Infographic

    An infographic to explain the stages of getting your website online, from choosing a domain name to viewing and managing your new site.

  • Habla Kilns Infographic

    Habla Kilns Infographic

    A two part infographic: depicting the comparison of the aviation industry carbon emissions against the global brick industries.

  • personalEYES Infographic

    personalEYES Infographic

    Infographic created for an A3 poster to highlight the personalEYES vision and mission statement.

  • BEFA Infographics

    BEFA Infographics

    Graphics created for website and flyer.

  • Solid Infographics

    Solid Infographics

    Graphics created for powerpoint presentation.

  • SOS Infographics

    SOS Infographics

    Infographics created for the website.