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How to create Ideal Customer Avatars (ICAs) with bonus free template

Echo3 | 30 Jun 2020
How to create Ideal Customer Avatars (ICAs) with bonus free template

Imagine a huge hall filled to the brim with the precise group of people that would buy your products and services again and again.

People who would love your brand so much, they would refer you to all their friends and write raving reviews online.

How good would that be?

A good marketing strategy is all about honing in on those exact people. Avoiding time and marketing budget wastage on prospects who are unlikely to convert into paying customers.

To avoid flying blind, your best chance at filling that virtual hall is by identifying who your ideal customer actually is.

Your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA) - track them down & get the goods!

Your ideal customer is the type that comes back again and again, and becomes your biggest referrer.

They are the backbone of every business.

So, how do you grow an irrationally passionate customer base? To find them, you first you need to know exactly who you are targeting.

  • WHO are they?
  • WHERE do they hang out?
  • WHY exactly they love your brand?

Your business already has groupies, you might even know who they are, so go ahead and put on your journalist's cap, and track them down for a chat.

If you don’t know who they are, take a look at who's repeatedly purchasing, commenting and sharing your social content or making positive reviews on Google or Facebook.


Once you got them, you don’t want to waste their time. Make it count by offering vouchers or movie tickets for their time. The information they share is pure golden stardust – it's well worth the spend on an incentive to get their attention and honesty!

Top tips

Word to the wise, one or two won’t do the trick. You’re aiming for a minimum of 8 interviews, but really the greater your number of customers a month, the greater your number of interviews should be. Aim for 1% of your customer base and grow from there. The more of these interviews you gather the more similarities you’ll be able to recognise.

Expert tip – set these interviews on repeat so you’re consistently getting feedback from your customers from this day forth! Consider automated feedback site popups and post-purchase email surveys where the information is sent straight to you for tabulation. Because, understanding your customer's experience is your greatest tool in outwitting your competitors.

Now it's time to create your Avatars

Once you feel like you could recognise your brand passionate from 50 paces, you're ready to draw up an ideal customer avatar. Download our handy template here.

You can have several targeted avatars and the more detailed the better! Different products or services may have different avatars and you can add to these over time. Aim to start with 2-3.

Negative avatars

You can also consider creating negative avatars. This could include, for example, professionals who are too advanced for your product or service, students who are only engaging with your content for research/knowledge, or potential customers who are just too expensive to acquire (because of a low average sale price, their propensity to churn, or their unlikeliness to purchase again from your company.)

The outcome?

Armed with this in-depth understanding of your customers, your advertising spends will decrease and your engagement will increase.

Understanding your audience helps copywriters craft better content aimed at particular pain points and motivators. Better copy always converts prospects at a higher rate so your conversion rate will climb.

As you actively listen, your product and services will start to align better with the needs and expectations of your audience. Improving your offer in this way ultimately future proofs your business and puts you ahead of your competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab our Ideal Customer Avatar template and get sleuthing!