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How Long Does It Really Take to Create a Logo?

More often than not, logos look deceptively simple. How long could it possibly take to create that Nike Swoosh or Apple apple? But as General Mills can attest, it can take months and even years to design a symbol that truly embodies a brand’s character and speaks to consumers.

There’s a lot of pressure on brands to get it right. Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, MasterCard, and Instagram have all updated their iconic logos, and the results aren’t always well-received at first. Airbnb’s new symbol, for example, was meant to embody the brand’s ability to deliver a sense of belonging to global travelers, but the company came under fire when the public pointed out it looked like everything from a guitar pick to parts of the human anatomy. Instagram’s simplified logo, unveiled earlier this year, was polarizing, too.

Over time, consumers come to connect with brands through their logos. A change can be jarring — and yet, a new logo is often a must...

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