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Frock Swop

Rise of the Sharing Economy. 

Let's face it - we all have too many things. As our world deals with excess waste and overconsumption, 'sharing' has now become a viable economic system. 

When Frock Swop approached us to help bring their vision to life - our team was super excited. Like them, we are passionate about doing our bit to reduce waste and help our environment. 

Their idea was - Share.Wear.Rinse.Repeat! 

Our team created a stylish logo branding and a customised Marketplace Website, which allows users to swap clothing. The site features: 

  • customised web design - a personalised shabby chic look to reflect the brand positioning and showcase the clothing collection.  
  • advanced tools for categorising and filtering content
  • dashboard to manage individual account - for sharing and swapping 
  • development of "currency sharing" - there is no monetary exchange, through the concept of owning a "hanger". 
  • secure online payment platform for donations. 

Only recently launched, the website is taking the digital world by storm. It is mobile-optimised and there has been a 62% increase of traffic coming from mobile devices complemented with traffic from social media platforms. With a quality website and the ability to easily update the clothing collection, Frock Swop is now ready to grow exponentially. The site will help place Frock Swop in the forefront of the collaborative consumption of the "Sharing Economy" and we are thrilled to be part of it. 

Frock Swop