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Melbourne Plunge Pools

Melbourne Plunge Pools is the premier distributor and installer of plunge pools in Victoria. They approached Echo3 to help with branding and web design for a new website. Our graphic designer used a number of key features to optimise the web design which included: 

  • Our content management system (website builder) used large, high quality images throughout the website to create a lasting first impression. 
  • The web design used asymmetric lines as a focal point to capture their readers' attention and to help improve navigation on the website - this in turn helps to create clear conversion funnels.


Benefits include: 

  • Increased website leads by six fold
  • Over 75% of traffic are coming through organic search 
  • 45% of traffic were gallery pages views, instrumental in capturing leads 
  • Our optimised mobile website helps capture new users - today over 50% of their website visitors are from mobile devices 




Melbourne Plunge Pools