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personalEYES | Laser Eye Surgery

A full digital makeover has seen personalEYES increase their LASIK bookings by 42%, halve their bounce rate and double their page views. Impressive results supported by online booking functions, video development and a range of engaging lead magnets and automations. This is the power of our always-on GROWTH retainer.


Objective: We were charged with the delicious task of increasing LASIK eye surgery assessment bookings for personalEYES. It meant a full overhaul of the existing digital assets and the development of a suite of new tools to support a strategic inbound marketing approach.

It was essential to start categorising and differentiating leads from qualified leads as well as those within the various stages of the decision process. To track this we integrated HubSpot and customised it to their particular needs.

We're strong believers in letting the data speak for itself. All decisions are data-led. There's no room for personal preference or assumptions when you allow your users to guide you.


Assets developed and deployed:

- Online Live Calendar booking feature.

- Full new website rebuild, both for their general optometry services and their LASIK surgery.

- An automated nurture sequence inviting new leads to interact with useful tools and information to assist them on their LASIK journey.

- A Calculator, Online Assessment Quiz, 4000-word Ultimate Guide to LASIK mega page and download as well as Info Packs to keep the conversations flowing.

- A shiny new automated customer referral system.

- A stylish customer journey video to bravely take over the LASIK home page www.personaleyes.com.au/lasik 

-  Candid videos of their surgeons - well scripted and produced to further strengthen trust in the brand.



With all this implemented, we were able to report on metrics that had previously never been known to personalEYES. Their conversion rate from assessment to surgery, their cost per lead and conversion rate from traffic to lead just to name a few.

Knowledge is power.

Data allowed us to make informed decisions to move the needle in the right direction. The results were nothing short of staggering.

A 42% increase in bookings equating to a 5 figure increase in revenue each month.