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12 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business During COVID-19

Echo3 | 21 Apr 2020
12 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business During COVID-19

Many businesses are experiencing a significant lull due to COVID-19 - is your business one of them? Has the phone has stopped ringing? Wondering how to drum up more business?

For small-to-medium business owners, who rely on a steady stream of customers and jobs, a sudden lull can seem like a catastrophe.

One of the smartest marketing tactics for businesses is email marketing. Here's why...

1) It’s affordable

Email marketing is one of the most inexpensive ways you can reach a large number of customers. According to Business.com, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the return on investment is $44.

2) It inspires action

A call-to-action is inherent in most email messages. Hence, email has been shown to generate a response; whether you want your customers to call, visit your website, or stop by, your email message is designed to inspire action.

3) It keeps you top-of-mind

Email marketing, with or without sales messaging, puts your brand directly into your client’s inbox.

4) It’s measurable

Sure. Built-in analytics means you’ll quickly and easily be able to see open rates, click-throughs, and often track customers from click to purchase.

5) It reaches all devices, including mobile

Email messaging is delivered to your client via their inbox. This means, wherever and whenever they access their email, they’ll see you. Smartphones, tablets or desktops – your email message will look good on all platforms. And you only had to spend money on your message once.

6) It builds credibility

The biggest brands use email marketing, just like small businesses. And the end result looks the same for everyone. So, put your business in the same category with the big brands of the world by using the same smarts.

7) It builds relationships

While the first email you send may not generate 15 sales, it could easily generate 15 phone calls. That’s 15 opportunities to say hello and talk to potential customers one-on-one. That’s 15 opportunities to build a relationship that could bring repeat business for years to come.

8) It’s wanted by your customers

According to a survey by MarketingSherpa.com, 91% of people want to receive relevant promotional emails.

9) It leads to customer acquisition

Another survey by McKinsey proved that email marketing is actually 40 times more likely than Facebook or Twitter to lead to customer acquisition.

10) It’s shareable

Email marketing can easily be forwarded by its recipients to other people they may know who might be interested. This type of viral sharing can help to grow your email list.

11) It builds buzz

By using email to send out sales messages, as well as announcements, you can create excitement for your business and your brand.

12) It generates website traffic

Even if website visits aren’t your explicit call-to-action, chances are good people who receive your email will visit your website anyway. They may be curious about your offer or just want to see more of what you’re about.

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