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Being Found Locally Counts

Echo3 | 1 Jan 2020
Being Found Locally Counts

Did you know, around 55% of consumer purchases begin with online research, and a total of 40% of purchases are being completed online? With Google having the largest search engine market share worldwide, it is more important than ever that you pay attention to what’s being shown or not shown about your company by Google.

So here’s the question - Have you looked at your Google My Business Listing lately? Did you know by simply verifying and spending some time on your Google My Business listing, you can increase your visibility on Google Search and Maps. It has worked well for us and many of our clients.

If you don’t have an account yet, create one with Google today. Google My Business listing is free and important for local SEO search initiative. To set up, you will have to go on to Google My Business:

  • Submit and verify your category.
  • Share useful information to encourage customer action.
  • Upload suitable photos and company logo.

Don’t have the time and prefer someone else doing it for you? Give us a call and we can help fix it up. It’s one of the most inexpensive ways to taking care of your SEO Basics.

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