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Website SEO AUDIT - Improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Echo3 | 1 Dec 2019
Website SEO AUDIT - Improving Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is a Website Audit?

Throughout your website life-span, we recommend that you carry out a series of website audit checks to ensure that your site is optimised and working for you to generate leads and help to grow your business.

An SEO audit is a proven, formulaic process that assesses your current website’s success regarding website ranking, site speed, crawlability, and more. We will perform a detailed SEO analysis to make you aware of any duplicate or spammy content which could affect your overall site ranking while ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly, has appropriate title tags, and has plenty of optimised content. These are all essential aspects of a sound website optimisation strategy. A proper channel provides better leads to the site for higher sales closure.

How to initiate an audit?

Contact us! We will provide you with a pre and post audit consultation to discuss any questions that you may have. We will perform tests, advise on how to improve its health and work together to increase your business online presence and sales conversions.

What next?

Our team of highly experienced Digital Marketers, Web Programmers and Graphic Designers will undertake the audits. We tailor each analysis to the unique circumstances surrounding your website.

Our Web Audit Report will include:

  • Scoping and Review of your website
  • Summary of findings
  • Recommendations - low to high priority
  • Suggest tools required to build your Business Online Presence on Google