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TechieTip: Converting fonts from on-screen to print

Echo3 | 1 Apr 2020
TechieTip: Converting fonts from on-screen to print

TechieTip: When faced with a font that doesn't seem to work so well in print - what should you do?

Here's some food for thought first: What works for screens doesn't necessarily work well in print.

The Solution:

Be inspired... Here are the top fonts that are being used for websites - Droid Sans, PT Sans, Ubuntu, Lato. The main considerations for website fonts are:
- readability on screens
- use of space
- impact on speed

But you shouldn't feel limited on font choice - choose what you feel would reflect well with your brand's personality, and test them out in both screen and print.

Keen to explore more options?

You can also check out Google Web Fonts - there's plenty of choices here and are freely available.

With so many gorgeous fonts to choose from, perhaps Comic Sans can finally be laid to rest!